HCMC deports 12 illegally-entered foreigners

The Immigration Department under the Ho Chi Minh City Police, on December 22, said that the unit had expelled 12 foreigners who entered the country illegally. They were victims of job scams in HCMC recently.

HCMC Police said that that was the fourth round of deportations from the beginning of 2022. The above subjects are all Chinese nationals and were tricked into job scams.

This group of people illegally entered Vietnam through unofficial channels in the Northern provinces. Next, they moved to HCMC by coach. However, in HCMC, this group of people was not received, was cut off from contact with their relatives, and lived on the streets in the area.

Some subjects went to the police station to report and receive support. The remaining subjects sought jobs but could not find any jobs in the city and were discovered and arrested by the authorities.

After completing the procedures, these 12 subjects were expelled and returned to the Chinese authorities at Huu Nghi Border Gate in Lang Son Province.

From the beginning of 2022 to now, the unit has deported a total of 59 foreigners who entered the country illegally.

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