HCMC boosting training of high-quality human resources

Director Le Van Thinh of the HCMC Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs said in an interview with SGGP Newspaper that HCMC is focusing on supplying the job market with high-quality human resources for socio-economic development.
Many businesses actively connect to vocational schools to train human resources that suit their needs

Many businesses actively connect to vocational schools to train human resources that suit their needs

Explaining the goals of HCMC to the quality of newly trained human resources, Director Le Van Thinh said that the city wants to own laborers that can answer the demands of the job market and the requirement of economic restructuring. The master plan for international-standard human resources training should be closely observed, especially in the industries of ICT, mechanics – automation, AI, business administration, finance – banking, healthcare, tourism, and urban management. There must be a close link between training at higher education level and vocational education one.

HCMC has applied the model of high-quality training center among certain public vocational education institutes. It is developing evaluation criteria for all vocational education units sited here and encouraging the mobilization of social resources in this aspect. The city hopes to increase the proportion of trained laborers to 87 percent by the end of 2025 and to 89 percent in 2030. Besides, the city aims at having at least 10 percent of public vocational education institutes accredited according to international and ASEAN standards in 2025, and 30 percent in 2030.

Discussing the possibility of achieving the above goals, the Director informed that at present, HCMC has 368 vocational centers, 79 of which are state-owned. They are training 300,000 learners at college, intermediate, and elementary levels. These human resources possess both professional knowledge and practical skills to satisfy the needs of businesses. As a result, over 90 percent and 84 percent of college-level and intermediate-level graduates find appropriate jobs to their trained profession, respectively.

Regarding solutions and plans to increase the quality of vocational education organizations in HCMC to correspondingly rise the training level of graduates, especially those in the digital fields, Director Thinh shared that in 2023, the city carries out propaganda programs to inform the demands of the job market, while tailoring its training curricula to answer these needs.

Particularly, HCMC is holding vocation consultation activities for high school students, providing vocational training for people eligible to state policies and the young completing military or police services as well as volunteers finishing socio-economic development projects, and offering skill upgrade classes for employees of businesses located here.

Meanwhile, the city is launching accreditation tasks at vocational schools, updating curricula of these schools so that they can better answer the human resources thirst of the job market. Assessments of foreign language skills and digital skills are being done along teachers and managers in vocational educational centers in order to timely upgrade their levels.

The city is going to digitize training processes, academic results, qualifications issued by vocational schools, followed by the integration of these data into its common database.

Simultaneously, the HCMC Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has advised HCMC People’s Committee to adopt various missions and solutions such as the master plan for international-standard human resources training in 8 key industries. Besides, each year, this Department is going to advise the People’s Committee of HCMC to release a plan to improve the quality of vocational education.

The labor force of Quarter 1-2023 compared to Quarter 4-2022

The quantity of laborers from 15 years old is 52.2 million (a rise of over 1 million). The number of employed laborers is 51.1 million (a growth of 1.1 million). The average income of laborers is VND7.9 million or US$337 (an increase of 7.9 percent).

The forecast of labor need in popular industries:

_Electronics – computer products: rise of 28,200 positions

_Food processing: rise of 18,600 positions

_Beverage processing: rise of 4,700 positions

_Garment: drop of 38,100 positions

_Interior decoration: drop of 38,000 positions

_Printing: drop of 37,800 positions

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