Hanoi revokes slow-moving projects

People’s Committee in Hanoi has decided to revoke sluggish projects in September.

The Department of Planning and Investment has found out that of 383 slow-moving projects in the Committee’s list of sluggish projects to the department, 161 projects violated land law. Moreover, the department plans to revoke 55 of them in September.

Additionally, from now on, the Natural Resources and Environment in Hanoi has set up inspection team to visit 21 projects as well as check whether the investors of 89 projects have revamped violations which People’s Council in Hanoi had pointed out before.

The Department will propose revocation for delayed projects, using the land for wrong purpose or not paying tax while it will call for cooperation from other departments to beef up the progress for other projects which faced difficulties in site clearance or design changes.

People’s Committee requested the Department of Planning and Investment to liaise with other departments to build a software for managing project information better.