Hail rain surprises Ho Chi Minh City residents

A heavy downpour accompanied by hail was observed in several districts of Ho Chi Minh City this afternoon, surprising city dwellers.

Hail rain surprises Ho Chi Minh City residents

The hailstones measuring from 1 to 3 centimeters in diameter, fell for several minutes in areas such as Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, and Phu Nhuan. The sudden downpour caused traffic congestion and reduced visibility, forcing car drivers and motorists to turn on their headlights.

The hailstorm took many residents by surprise, with some capturing videos and photos of the unusual weather phenomenon and sharing their videos on social media.

A large tree branch fell down in Vo Van Tan Street in District 3 damaging a car parked under the tree and causing a traffic jam.

According to Deputy Head Le Dinh Quyet of the Forecast Department at the Southern Regional Hydrometeorological Center, hailstorms are rare in Ho Chi Minh City, but they do occur occasionally, typically once or twice a year. The conditions for hail formation are high temperatures, high humidity, and strong convection in the atmosphere.

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Hailstorms are not usually dangerous if the hailstones are small, but large hailstones can damage roofs, crops, windows, and car windshields. If a large hailstone hits a person, it can cause injury, warned Mr. Quyet.

The heavy rain also caused flooding in some areas, making it difficult for motorists and motorcyclists to get around.

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