Ha Tinh Province protecting replacement forest after Hong Linh wildfire

Head of the Management Board of Hong Linh Protection Forest (under the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Ha Tinh Province) informed the status of the new forest after the wildfire in 2019.


Accordingly, the whole 52.1ha of newly planted forest to replace the destroyed area by a wildfire at the end of June 2019 in Xuan Hong Commune and Xuan An Town (both sited in Nghi Xuan District of Ha Tinh Province) has been well-cared to ensure its health on the Hong Linh Mountain Range.

The wildfire happened at the end of June 2019 and ruined 67.1ha of forest, causing a damage of billions of VND. Therefore, the People’s Committee of Ha Tinh Province decided to plant a new forest area to replace that. The plan is estimated to cost VND2.1 billion (US$85,250).

The total surface area of this replacement forest is 52.1ha to grow Pinus latteri and Acacia mangium with a density of 1,600 trees per hectare. The area is under the charge of the Management Board of Hong Linh Protection Forest.

Until now, trees in the Pinus latteri section and Acacia mangium have an average height of 2-3m and 5-7m respectively.

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