Group of people, including one overseas Vietnamese, assault two women in traffic

Vu Thi D., 41, residing at Nguyen Binh Khiem Street in Hai Phong City, on February 24, filed a report that while she was in traffic, a group of people assaulted her, injuring her eye.

According to D., the incident happened around 3.30 p.m. on February 11, when she and her younger sister, Vu Thi Z., 37, was driving her car heading to Kenh Trieu Intersection in Thuy Trieu Commune in Thuy Nguyen District. When they arrived there, they met another car going in the same direction, which later cut in ahead of and blocked hers, then the group of people in that car insulted her and her younger sister.

After that, this group of people, consisting of three men and one woman, rushed to beat D. and her younger sister. D. ran into a nearby house to hide, but these people continued to chase after her. Eventually, they made her face injured and her eyebrows deeply torn, requiring seven stitches. The landlady tried to stop them, but a man in the group rushed in to grab the knife, causing her to cut her tendon.

Up to now, the family of the person who caused injuries to D. has brought VND50 million for medical compensation.

Thuy Nguyen District police said they had received reports about the incident from local people. At present, the investigation agency is carrying out an investigation.

Initial investigation identifies that the group of subjects involved in the case includes Nguyen Van Duong, living in Ngu Lao Commune, Nguyen Van Vinh, and Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, living in Trung Ha Commune of Thuy Nguyen District.

Of the two male subjects mentioned above, one has foreign nationality.