Fixed-route passenger vehicles allowed to run on new expressways

The Transport Ministry has just greenlighted the use of newly operated expressways by fixed-route passenger transport means.
The Expressway of Mai Son – National Highway No.45 has just been in operation

The Expressway of Mai Son – National Highway No.45 has just been in operation

Accordingly, the Transport Ministry has sent a formal dispatch to the Transport Departments in all provinces and cities, asking local transport businesses and cooperatives to actively adjust their routes with the inclusion of new expressways. These companies must identify the entrance and exit points for their passenger vehicles at each expressway to be used as well as suitable transport means.

These enterprises are also requested to prepare a list of vehicles to travel on each new expressway together with the total quantity of trips per month and send to the Transport Departments of the provinces at each end of the expressway before.

Transport Departments are responsible for monitoring vehicles via surveillance cameras, sending a list of passenger transport businesses and cooperatives with fixed routes to Public Security Departments and related state agencies for collaboration in checking and handling possible problems as regulated.

Before this, fixed-route passenger vehicles were not allowed to use expressways since the badge attached on the vehicle does not include this detail on the route. Therefore, the Transport Departments of HCMC and the Vietnam Automobile Transport Association proposed permission for such vehicles to run on expressways.

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