Five domestically-transmitted cases of Covid-19 reported on April 29

Vietnam recorded 45 cases of Covid-19 in the past 12 hours to 6pm April 29, with 39 detected among people being quarantined after arrival, one case who had completed quarantine after arrival and five connected cases, according to the Health Ministry.

Patient 2899 returned from Japan on April 7 and was released from a concentrated quarantine site in Da Nang on April 22 after completing two weeks in quarantine and testing negative for the coronavirus three times. After returning to his home in the northern province of Ha Nam, he showed symptoms of coughing, fever and sore throat, and turned out to be positive on April 24. Four others in his family also contracted the virus.

Another case detected in Ho Chi Minh City was also connected to Patient 2899.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in the country rose to 2,910, with 2,516 having recovered. The death toll remains at 35.  

Among patients still under treatment, 13 have tested negative for SARS- CoV-2 once, 15 twice and 20 thrice. 

Meanwhile, 38,513 people are being quarantined nationwide.

Ha Nam authorities have taken urgent measures to track people who had made contact with Patient 2899. The village where he lives has been put under lockdown.

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