Fishermen in Binh Thuan Province reflect vessel monitoring device failure

During the passing time, Binh Thuan Province has received reflections from many owners of fishing vessels about the vessel monitoring system (VNS) failure of some providers, specifically interrupted signals seriously affecting their fishing operation.
Fishermen in Binh Thuan Province reflect vessel monitoring device failure ảnh 1

Additionally, the functional agencies received more reflections from people about the lack of responsibility from providers in supporting customers and warranty when the devices had a problem.

According to data on the fishing vessel monitoring system of Binh Thuan Province, around 15 to 30 fishing vessels of the locality per day lost signals connecting to VMS at sea. The vessels has lost the signal daily, even hourly.

Amid the problems, the fishermen hoped that the functional agencies would take measures to re-check the quality of VMS error and impose a price frame for providing devices as well as strict measures on handling those providers lacking the responsibility.

According to the Binh Thuan Province Fisheries Sub-Department, the connection loss of fishing vessels at sea will cause difficulties in the management and supervision of funtional agencies and reduce the effectiveness in synchronously deploying solutions to combat IUU fishing, especially warning and preventing fishing vessels from violating foreign water area as well as affecting the rescue works and the interests of fishermen.