Fire burnt down 300 year-old communal house in Thai Binh

A huge fire happened in the ancient communal house of Luu Xa, Dong Phuong commune, Dong Hung district, Thai Binh province yesterday morning. 

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Phuong Commune Pham Xuan Canh said that a massive blaze suddenly burnt and gutted the national historical site at 10 AM. 


After receiving the information, local people and authorities made their effort to control the blaze. 

Fire Police of Dong Hung district quickly sent two fire trucks to the scene in order to extinguish the blaze.


The blaze was extinguished by 2 AM.


Although nobody was hurt and killed in the fire, the massive flame gutted the 300 year- old communal house. 

 Accordingly, Luu Xa communal house had total area of 170 square meters which was recognized as the National Historic Site in 1990.


Currently, the functional agencies are investigating the reasons of the fire.


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