Factory workers considered for early vaccination

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor on May 26 sent an official dispatch to the Prime Minister asking for factory workers to be vaccinated early to maintain production in various sectors.
Specifically, the official dispatch numbered 2035 reported on the situation of workers affected by Covid-19 and requested prompt vaccination for factory workers.
Reports from trade unions up to date stated how hundreds of companies had to go out of business, causing production chains to halt, and tens of thousands of laborers lost their job or forced to take unpaid leave as a result.
Factory workers considered for early vaccination ảnh 1 There are huge demands for vaccination among factory workers
Additionally, the Confederation requested tax reductions or other preferential policies for companies when purchasing vaccines for workers.
“The General Confederation of Labor is coordinating with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to encourage business establishments to buy vaccines for workers and calling for sponsor for Covid-19 vaccines,” the official dispatch said.
The Confederation also requested municipalities and businesses alike to maintain safety measures and offer financial support for workers undergoing quarantine or hospital treatment, especially those suffering from terminal illnesses or workplace accidents, or those pregnant and raising children.
Regarding the current situation, the Confederation requested permission to use the remaining funds under Resolution 42/NQ-CP for financial relief for workers affected by Covid-19, especially those taking unexpected leave due to being quarantined or treated for Covid related symptoms.

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