English eloquence contest on food safety finds winners

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training has announced to find winners for this year English eloquence contest on food safety.
English eloquence contest on food safety finds winners

The contest themed “Proposals and solutions to improve food safety in the city” is for tenth and eleventh graders in senior high schools in the city with average marks of over 8 and winners of the city English contests who can deliver speeches well.

The contest will include two rounds – the first round and the final round. For the first round, contestants must design a video clip in which they propose solutions for food safety and nutrition regimen for high schoolers.

The contest organizer will select ten good contestants for the final round where students must demonstrate their public speaking skills in English including self-introduction in English and speeches of solutions for food safety improvement in the city particularly and the country generally.

The top four winners will be selected to enter to the program “ Asian young leader” in Japan slated for August, 2020.