Elevated section of Belt Road No.2 in Hanoi open to traffic

The elevated section of the Belt Road No 2 route from Nga Tu Vong to Nga Tu So in Hanoi was open to traffic this morning after two years of construction.
The newly open to traffic road
The newly open to traffic road
Construction of the elevated section started in April 2018 and completed 3 months ahead of schedule under the build-transfer (BT) model. The main part has the width of 19 meters and the leading path of 7 meters.
Alongside, the road under the elevated road was upgraded for travel facilitation.
Motorcyclists, old vehicles and pedestrians are banned from travelling in the elevated road. In Nga Tu So intersection, Hanoi authority will pilot ban on vehicles turning left or moving straight in the below road.
After completion, the road is expected to curb traffic congestion in Truong Chinh Street – one of hotspots of traffic jam in the capital city.

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