Diseases break out after flood in Chuong My District

Health authority in Hanoi fretted outbreaks of diseases in Chuong My District, a suburb of Hanoi.

Diseases break out after flood in Chuong My District

The flood has stirred up the lives of residents in Chuong My District which has been submerged by floodwater in ten days. Diseases are more highly likely after the flood as dead animal bodies and waste caused water pollution affecting on people’s health. There is no electricity, no fresh water.

Residents in the district were exposed to greater health problems such as psychological issues and communicable diseases. Ten people had dermatitis, six others had diarrhea and 40 had pink eye.

Local medical infirmaries provided examination on 1,544 patients, give 4,688 eye, diarrhea and dermatitis medicine. Moreover, households were given Chloramine B and Alum.

Additionally, a 24-hour medical clinic was set up to provide drug to inhabitants in isolated parts.

The Department of Health in Hanoi ordered medical center to work with people’s committees in communes to take care of people’s health as well as increase information of preventive measures against some diseases.

Medical workers were sent to the district to help disinfecting environment and prepare enough chemicals.

Before, the Preventive Medicine Department warned residents in the flooded district to keep personal hygiene and eat cooked food and boiled water as well as kill mosquitoes which transmit dengue fever.

Yesterday, Chairman of Chuong My People’s Committee Dinh Manh Hung said three drowned in Chuong My district.

On the same day, a mission team of the Vietnam Red Cross Society arrived at the district to gift VND50 million ($2,148); one ton of rice; 1,000 carton containers of water disinfectant and 1,000 leaflets to 100 worst-hit families.