Convergence - World Rock Vietnam expected to attract 10,000 rock lovers

Convergence - World Rock Vietnam, the first of its kind, will officially take place on the evening of December 10 in the yard in front of the Reunification Hall which is expected to be filled with more than 10,000 rock lovers.
Convergence - World Rock Vietnam expected to attract 10,000 rock lovers ảnh 1 Poster of the event
World Rock Vietnam is an international rock festival with a series of exciting activities for rock fans that has just been officially announced by HAG Entertainment. The festival will bring together the top rock groups in Vietnam and also the participation of many international rock groups.
The Convergence - World Rock Vietnam is organized to make it become a professional playground for each artist to show love for rock music. This is also a place to connect, exchange and inspire between previous generations of rock artists and young Vietnamese and international talents.
Choosing Vietnamese bamboo as the event image, the organizer hoped that the event will become the crystallization of Vietnamese cultural images with rock over the years. Moreover, the organizer expected people to join hands for more enthusiastic Vietnamese rock community.
The highlight of Convergence - World Rock Vietnam is the performance of 200 rock artists of all genres and ages with classic Vietnamese and international songs. This is the famous form of many Rock Festivals around the world, now recreated with a very Vietnamese soul. The performance promises to create a proud milestone of Vietnamese Rock.
From October 3, Convergence opened an Audition round to bring together young rock artists to join in with well-known singers. The schedule of events under Convergence - World Rock Vietnam as well as the Audition round has been announced on the program's official fanpage.

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