Contest to prevent school violence and child labor launched

Today, the Ministry of Education and Training organized the launch of the first contest 'Initiative to ensure school order on preventing school violence and child labor'.

At the launch of the contest

The Ministry of Education and Training said that in recent times, the education sector has taken heed of propaganda and education to raise students’ awareness and sense of law observance in schools

Through the integration of teaching in subjects, creative experiential activities, extracurricular activities and many other forms, propaganda and education on security and order, school safety, crime prevention, social evils, law violations, school violence prevention and child labor are yielding fruitful outcomes.

With the aim to transmit the information that students are the center in schools, the contest is one of many solutions throughout the education sector. Through this contest, students can demonstrate their talent, creativity and awareness in building a good learning environment. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for children to express their thoughts and opinions in paintings and creative writings.

The contest takes place from March 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024. Participating students will go through 4 rounds of competition including school level, district level, provincial level and national level with two topics including school violence prevention and the fight against child labor.

Primary school students take the test of drawing posters on A3 paper. Middle and high school students can write their essays that have not been sent to other contests or have not been published in newspapers, electronic news sites or social networks. Entries for the contest must be completely handwritten and have a maximum length of no more than 1,200 words. Each student is allowed to participate in 1 contest.

For each round of competition, the organizing committee will award 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 2 third prizes at each level. The award ceremony will take place in June 2024.

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