City leaders test dredging project on Soai Rap River

Relevant departments issued testing of dredging projects in the Soai Rap River on April 3, said Deputy Chairman of the People’s Committee of HCMC Nguyen Huu Tin.

The target of the project is to increase to depth of the river to 12 kilometers in order to receive


50,000-70,000 ton ships, according to the Soai Rap River Dredging Project Investment Management Board.

This project is expected to finish at the end of April. Ho Chi Minh City Port will welcome its largest ship at 50,000 tons.

Deputy Chairman Huu Tin ordered management board to speed up units in order to finish on schedule. The project will undergo inspection for quality construction, sanitation, and safety.

Deputy Chairman Huu Tin stresses Hiep Phuoc Port must ensure absolutely safety for unloading cargo. It is one of the largest international ports receiving cargo in the country.

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