Central farmers enjoy bumper paddy harvest

Farmers in the province of Central of Vietnam have been enjoying a bumper winter-spring rice crop with record high rice prices.
Central  farmers enjoy bumper paddy harvest

In Phong Dien District of Thua Thien – Hue Province, farmers have already harvested 5,140 hectares of rice, mainly fast-growing rice varieties, including HN6, DV108 and Ma Lam 48, with average productivity of 62 quintals per hectare, up 1.3 quintals per hectare compared to previous year. rice production is expected to reach 31,681 tons with rice price from VND500-VND700 per kilogram higher than that in the winter-spring rice crop last year.

Mr. Vo Van Hung, director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Quang Tri Province, said that 11 cooperatives in the province have used organic fertilizer instead of inorganic fertilizer and plant protection drugs in cultivation of new rice varieties in the winter-spring crop which gave them an average income of VND60 million per hectare and average profit of VND40 million per hectare, about VND15-20 million per hectare higher than mass production of rice.

Many other cooperatives in central provinces in the winter-spring rice crop this year have achieved rice productivity 2-4 quintals per hectare higher than that of mass production for applying improved irrigation system adapting to climate change and building large-scale paddy field for the production of high-quality rice varieties