Cave with beautiful stalactites discovered accidentally by mining activities

While mining stone at Dun Mountain in Ha Long Commune in Thanh Hoa Province, workers of the mining company discovered a cave with strikingly beautiful stalactites by chance.


Tien Thinh Company was granted a stone mining license at Dun Mountain by the People's Committee in Thanh Hoa Province. Recently, while mining stone, workers of this company discovered a cave in the heart of the mountain.

Through initial surveys, the cave is estimated to be about 70m long with a width of 50m and a height of about 40m; plus an underground water stream inside the cave. In particular, entering the cave, with just a flashlight, many beautiful stalactites with interesting and strange shapes are seen.

Immediately after the discovery of the cave, the local People's Committee was directed to immediately stop stone mining at Dun Mountain.

Head of the Culture and Information Department of Ha Trung District Phan Thi Lan said that in the upcoming time, the locality will coordinate with Thanh Hoa Center for Historical Research and Cultural Heritage Preservation, scientists and relevant agencies and units to conduct specific surveys and organize seminars to comprehensively assess the scale, value, historical, cultural, heritage and tourism significance of the newly discovered cave at Dun Mountain.

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