Cat Lai port successfully maintains cargo flow during Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, factories have had to downscale or stop productions, creating an excess of goods containers at various ports. As a result, Tan Cang - Cat Lai port (TCCL) has come up with urgent solutions to maintain the flow of import and export goods.
Specifically, they sped up the release of imported cargo, encouraged clients to retrieve and send cargo directly at the port with free delivery services, applied free demurrage, free preservation of frozen cargo for 24 hours, helped with manifest arrangement costs, directed ships with import cargos towards associated ports to unload, then return to TCCL to receive export cargos, and reduced the amount of cargos likely to be stockpiled for a long time. They also sped up digitizing the shipping process.
Thanks to the solutions, the excess of imported containers into TCCL is down from 97 to 85 percent in the first week. Works on the port yard have also been less busy, the delivery of goods to running businesses has been smooth and ship clearance faster.

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