Can Tho proposes to extend social distancing in two more weeks

As new Covid-19 cases are surging and quickly spreading in markets, supermarkets, factories, Can Tho City proposed to extend the Prime Minister’s Directive No.16’s order in two more weeks along with stricter measures.

The Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control of Can Tho City yesterday reported the seven day implementation of the Prime Minister’s Directive No.16 in the city.

From July 8 to 5 p.m. on July 25, the Mekong Delta City recorded 688 Covid-19 cases in tally, notably, there were 150 new infectious cases on July 25. 2,387 people in the city are performing centralized isolation requirements and 3,764 people are self-isolated at home.

Can Tho City proposes to extend social distancing following the Prime Minister's Directive No.16 in two more weeks
Remarkably, there are more and more Covid-19 cases detected in crowded areas such as markets, supermarkets, factories, residential areas and industrial parks.

There are newly-found pandemic outbreaks such as Lo Mo alley in Ninh Kieu District, Truong Xuan Commune in Thoi Lai, and a growing number of Covid-19 cases was recorded in some companies inside industrial zones, even many F0 cases with unknown sources of infection.

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