Binh Dinh to pour huge money into storm shelter for fishing vessels

Binh Dinh Province yesterday announced its cooperation with the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry to establish a storm shelter area for fishing boats here.

Fishing boats of Binh Dinh dwellers are anchored inside Tam Quan Fishing Port

Accordingly, both parties are preparing necessary documents for the investment procedure in a storm shelter in Tam Quan Fishing Port (sited in Hoai Nhon Town). This is a project of great importance to the fishery industry in the South Central coastal region as well as a number of North Central provinces.

Binh Dinh Province presented two investment alternatives, either VND378 billion (US$14.88 million) or VND710 billion ($27.95 million). After completion, this 70-hectare project can safely accommodate more than 2,300 fishing vessels away from heavy storms.

The Province also proposed more infrastructure investment in logistics so that Tam Quan Fishing Port can be upgraded from level 2 to level 1, and ultimately help Tam Quan estuary become a regional logistics center for the fishery industry.

Hoai Nhon Town has been the capital of offshore fishing in the Central region, having over 2,300 fishing ships with a length of more than 15m. Last year, seafood exploitation output of this town reached nearly 70,000 tonnes. This is also the largest tuna exploitation area in Vietnam, with an output of 9,500 tonnes per year.

However, for many years, Tam Quan Fishing Port has been silted up, narrowing the estuary and limiting the potential growth of the area, especially as to offshore fishing. The projects above are expected to help address this issue.

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