Aviation sector improves security control capacity

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has just issued a directive on improving and enhancing the capacity of aviation security control at the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV).
Security scanning at an airport (Photo: VNA)

Security scanning at an airport (Photo: VNA)

Accordingly, the ACV needs to proactively improve its capacity to ensure aviation safety and security in the new situation, step up the completion of its curricula system, and conduct aviation safety and security training.

In addition, it is tasked to perfect and maintain the professional process, introduce solutions to strengthen the management and administration capacity of the aviation security command and management team, improve and enhance the ethics, manners, communication, behavior and discipline of the aviation security control force.

The authority also particularly noted that the ACV needs to review the management and operation process of aviation security equipment, especially X-ray scanning.

The ACV is asked to strengthen coordination with media agencies to popularise to air passengers the provisions of law related to bringing dangerous items on aircraft and other regulations related to aviation security and safety so that passengers can comply with regulations, among others.

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