Agriculture Ministry abolishes 69 percent sub-licenses

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development affirmed that it has been abolishing 69 percent of business conditions or sub-licenses in agricultural field at a conference this morning.
A view of the conference
A view of the conference
According to the ministry, the agricultural field now has 33 conditional business sectors with 345 specific conditions. After reviewing, the ministry has submitted to the Government Decree 123 to adjust and cut 131 out of 170 business conditions.
The remaining conditions have been reduced and amended in the Forestry Law and Seafood Law.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, head of Legislation Department, reported that currently the ministry is focusing on cutting the list of goods in need of specialized inspection during customs clearance and export import.
The ministry has reviewed and proposed to cut the number of goods in need of specialized inspection since 2017.

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