ADB provides training for women-owned SMEs

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has selected MVV Education’s two technologies, Consultant Anywhere and Everlearn, to implement a COVID-19 business counseling and training programme for 500 women-owned small- and medium-sized enterprises (WSMEs) in Vietnam.
ADB ties up with MVV Training to support women-owned SMEs. (Photo: VNA)
ADB ties up with MVV Training to support women-owned SMEs. (Photo: VNA)
The programme will focus on providing tools to improve their capacity management capacity and skillsets to run their businesses successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic.
It aims to give them training in various business aspects, financial advisory services, and technical knowledge to mitigate the impact of the economic downturn.
Components of the programme include recruitment with screening and registration for WSMEs, business counseling using the Consultant Anywhere app, offline and online training using the Everlearn platform, and mentoring with peer support using the team’s network.
The training programme includes 12 modules, focusing on business and financial knowledge, building a business plan, action planning in HR management, operating costs management, and re-engineering products and customer service, among others. All are expected to help enterprises respond to the COVID-19 situation effectively.
In addition to strong technical capabilities, MVV has partnered with Women’s Initiative for Start-up Entrepreneurship (WISE) to provide subject-matter experts in various fields. They are well-known business consultants with experience working with numerous authorities and global businesses.
The team is represented nationwide and has performed consulting projects in most cities and provinces in Vietnam, many of them were female-owned small and medium-sized businesses.
MVV is a provider of business and capacity building solutions uniquely delivered through multiple platforms that enable fully-integrated and seamless online and onsite interactions.
Consultant Anywhere is the first consultation app in Vietnam that connects experts from various fields with businesses. The app enables consulting services to be delivered via smartphone from anywhere, anytime with easy scheduling, online payment, and record-keeping with a video-call feature.
On each counselling session delivered on the app, depending on the issue, experts apply the appropriate methodology to help the enterprise understand, assess, analyse, and arrive at appropriate action plans. The counselling schedule is flexible and set accordingly to the needs of both parties and enterprises can provide feedback and rate experts transparently on the app.
Meanwhile, Everlearn is a learning experience management system that helps organisations conduct and manage training more professionally, economically, and effectively. It is learner-centred and designed to maximise the learning experience, encourage participation, and enhance the learner’s engagement. Moreover, experts can easily perform administrative tasks through the dashboard with full features such as Course Administration, Training Content Management, Learning Resource Management, and Learner Management.

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