7th typhoon weakens into tropical low pressure

The center for hydro meteorological forecasting issued its latest weather forecast that this morning the 7th typhoon weakened into tropical low pressure.
7th typhoon weakens into tropical low pressure

At 7am this morning, the typhoon was at 20.8 degrees north latitude, 116.4 degrees east longitude, 650km from the east north part of Hoang Sa Islands. The strongest wind speed near its center was 40 to 60km per hour.

In the next 24 hours, tropical low pressure system is forecast to move slowly in west ward, at 5km per hour. On November 3, it will center at 21.3 degrees north latitude, 116.8 degrees east longitude, 420km from the west south part of Taiwan (China).

Due to the impacts of tropical low pressure system which is formed from the 7th typhoon, the sea areas in the north part of the East Sea will see strong wind at levels six and seven, sea rough.

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