50 drivers, 17 transport businesses receive Golden Steering Wheel Awards 2020

The National Traffic Safety Committee on December 27 held a ceremony to award the Golden Steering Wheel Awards 2020 to 50 drivers and 17 transport enterprises for their outstanding achievements in ensuring traffic safety.

Accordingly, the drivers who had not caused traffic accidents of serious level or worse level for three recent years from 2018 to 2020, strictly obeyed the law on traffic safety and order, not be handled by functional forces, reached at least 30,000 kilometers of safe travel in the year were awarded. In addition, the drivers had performed nice gestures and actions such as participating in rescuing, helping passengers in emergent cases that spreads over many drivers, etc.

As such, 17 honored transport businesses had not caused serious or worse traffic accidents, their vehicles were installed with surveillance cameras and none of their vehicles had been penalized for goods and passengers overload, etc.

The Golden Steering Wheel Awards aims to raise awareness of transport businesses and drivers in the observance of the law on traffic safety and order, contributing to implement the target of reducing the number of traffic accidents by 5 to 10 percent annually.

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