4,485 students awarded Violympic 2016-2017

The award ceremony of the Internet-Violympic 2016-2017 for the Northern region was held at Hai Phong City, yesterday.
Laos students join in Laolympic-Photo: VNS
Laos students join in Laolympic-Photo: VNS

It started for the award ceremonies across over the country.

Nationwide has 4,485 contestants awarded at the subjects including mathematic, English, physical, Vietnamese. 757 students earned golden medal; 1,493 students grabbed silver medal and 1,481 with bronze medal.

The FPT Group and FPT University jointly launched this contest aiming to change studying method of Vietnamese students, creating new ground play for them in learning and upgrading their knowledge.

In 2016-2017 academic year, over 20 millions of accounts have registered via website Violympic covering 737 districts, cities in 63 provinces nationwide. The organization board held also the contest in Laos named Laolympic in the 2016-2017-academic year.

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