40 meter crack appears in Nha Be district

A 40 meter crack appeared in a cement concrete road along Rach Tom River, Nhon Duc commune, Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City, reported the  city Transport Department yesterday.
A river bank landslide in Ca Mau
A river bank landslide in Ca Mau
The road could be sunk into the river anytime.
The HCMC Transport Department suggested the People’s committees of Nhon Duc commune and Nha Be district to actively collaborate with relevant agencies in moving property and arranging new residental places for affected households, placed barriers and warning signs for the damaged zones.

On the same day, a 30 meter river bank landslide suddenly occurred in the area of Thanh Tung market, Thanh Tung commune, Dam Doi district, Ca Mau province. The landslide swallowed five houses into the river. 
The local people quickly moved their properties out of the damaged areas.

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