2019 national start-up festival aims to boost students’ entrepreneurial spirit

The Ministry of Education and Training yesterday announced 2019 national start-up festival for students at a press conference with the aim to boost the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit amongst students nationwide on October 10 in Hanoi.
At the press brief (Photo: SGGP)
At the press brief (Photo: SGGP)
The Ministry also informed that it has selected 68 good projects out of 300 entries to enter the final round of the competition “Sinh vien voi Y tuong Khoi nghiep 2019“ (Students and Startup Ideas 2019 or SV-STARTUP).
The competition has attracted the attention of 200,000 students aged 16-24 of 200 educational institutions all around the country. The final round will take place on October 4-5, 2019 in Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
In SV-STARTUP 2019, students will have the opportunity to learn 80 start-up ideas in science, technology, business, education, to health, service, and agriculture which are exhibited in 40 universities and 18 departments of education and training.
At the festival, various activities would be organized including conferences and forums ‘The Start-up Inspiring Forum and Experience from Start-up businessmen, the seminar ‘Start-up university: What model for Vietnamese ones?’ and the seminar ‘Supports for high-school students in start-up: Experience and Solutions’.

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