VN-Index recovers rapidly despite heavy share dumping by foreign investors

The VN-Index briefly dropped below the 1,200-point threshold at one point during the trading session, but it eventually retraced to close near the reference point, although foreign investors still dumped shares heavily.

The Vietnamese stock market in the trading session of September 19 witnessed a strong fluctuation. At the opening, the VN-Index increased by 5 points, then reversed to decline by over 10 points - falling below the 1,200-point mark. However, it made a remarkable recovery in the last 20 minutes of the trading session.

The group of stocks that contributed to the rapid recovery of the VN-Index were primarily large-cap stocks. Among them, STB climbed by 2.15 percent, HPG rose by 1.99 percent, and FPT gained 1.55 percent. Additionally, the steel sector played a significant role in helping narrow the index's decline. Alongside HPG, which increased by nearly 2 percent, HSG jumped by 5.5 percent, and NKG surged by 5.34 percent.

The real estate stock group exhibited notable divergence, with major stocks seeing substantial declines, including FCN down 6.96 percent, NVL down 4.68 percent, CII down 3.96 percent, HDC down 2.19 percent, VIC down 2.42 percent, KDH down 1.45 percent, NLG down 1.08 percent, and HHV down 1.12 percent. In contrast, DIG added up by 2.24 percent, LGC hiked by 6.28 percent, CRE emerged by 2.91 percent, and QCG advanced by 2.26 percent.

The securities stock group also displayed differentiation, but many stocks showed positive gains, such as SSI up 1.4 percent, BSI up 1.52 percent, CTS up 2.22 percent, ORS up 4.19 percent; VND, HCM, and VDS all up nearly 1 percent.

Meanwhile, the banking stock group leaned towards the red, with BID down 1.2 percent, VPB down 1.13 percent, VIB down 1.19 percent, OCB down 1.88 percent, and EIB down 3.16 percent. Only STB enhanced by 2.15 percent, and MSB grew by 2.76 percent.

At the close of the trading session, the VN-Index only experienced a slight decrease of 0.31 points, or 0.03 percent, standing at 1,211.5 points, with 244 stocks declining, 255 advancing, and 66 remaining unchanged.

At the Hanoi Stock Exchange, the HNX-Index also dipped 0.26 points, or 0.1 percent, ending at 250.22 points, with 86 losers, 88 winners, and 64 unchanged stocks.

Liquidity improved compared to the previous day, with the total trading value across the entire market reaching nearly VND26.2 trillion, of which the HOSE accounted for over VND23.3 trillion.

Despite the market's strong recovery, foreign investors continued to sell off, with a net selling value of nearly VND376 billion on the HOSE.

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