Vietnam’s culture promoted at Mexican fair

Vietnamese culture has dazzled thousands of visitors at the International Friendly Cultures Fair (FICA) which is taking place in Mexico City from May 31 to June 16.
A foreigner wears Vietnamese conical hat. (Photo: VNA)
A foreigner wears Vietnamese conical hat. (Photo: VNA)
Admiring stunning landscape, magnificent traditional Ao Dai, conical hats, and gorgeous handicrafts of the Southeast Asian country, they express their hope that Vietnamese culture will become more popular in the Mexico.
Visitors to the fair have a taste for Vietnamese dishes like nem ran (spring roll), coffee, stirred rice, banh gio (rice dough dumpling with minced pork and wood ear mushrooms inside) and bread filled with pate.
The FICA 2019 drew the participation of more than 89 countries and territories worldwide. Hundreds of cultural activities have been held to strengthen cultural ties among the participants.
Some 3 million people are expected to visit and enjoy the cultural event.-

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