Vietnamese late talented composer honored on Google

Vietnamese musician Trinh Cong Son was honored on a doodle on yesterday on the occasion of his 80th birthday anniversary. This is the first time Google Doodles has commemorated a Vietnamese talent.

Vietnamese late talented composer honored on Google

Composer Son is internationally influenced widely. He is labeled as “Vietnam’s Bob Dylan” by BBC and “Vietnam’s most beloved singer-songwriter” by the Washington Post.

Moreover, composer Son is the first Vietnamese person whose music has distributed in Japan including the song Diem xua ( old Miss Diem). Distribution of more than 2 million of album in Japan for years proved his success in Japan.

His songs have been translated into Japanese and sung by leading singers like Tokiko Kato, Yoshimi Tendo, Aya Shimazua and the Japan television NHK’s special show in New Year Eve for million audience.

The Google’s Vietnamese homepage ( has published series of Doodles dedicated to Vietnam’s major public holidays such as Teachers’ Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year and Reunification Day since but this is the first time a Vietnamese person has been honored.