Vietnam, RoK agree on quarantine-free protocol for short-term entries

Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK) have mutually agreed to implement an expedited arrival procedure which will allow certain groups involved in short-term visits between the two sides to enter their respective nations without undergoing the mandatory 14-day quarantine.
Vietnam, RoK agree on quarantine-free protocol for short-term entries

According to a press release by the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the procedure, called priority travel for short-term entries from the RoK into Vietnam and special entries for Vietnamese entering the RoK, basically will waive quarantine requirement for people from either country who are going on trips shorter than 14 days for the purposes of investment, trade, or as highly skilled workers, among others.

However, prior to arrival, the entrants must obtain proof of negative tests for SARS-CoV-2, which cause the coronavirus disease, and still need to be medically examined and monitored.

Following their entries into Vietnam and the RoK, they will still have to be tested for the coronavirus, while their health status will be frequently checked. They are only allowed to engage in activities according to agendas that have been registered to and approved by the host country’s authorities.

Vietnamese and Korean relevant agencies will provide detailed guidelines on the eligible entries of, and requirements and regulations on the short-term entry procedure between the two sides, the foreign ministry noted.

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