Two more rabies outbreaks reported in Dong Nai Province, 12 people bitten

The Dong Nai Department of Health yesterday reported two new rabies outbreaks in the province, one in Long Thanh District and the other in Trang Bom District.

The functional unit of Dong Nai Province is capturing stray dogs

A total of 12 people have been bitten by rabid dogs in these two outbreaks.

In Long An Commune of Long Thanh District, the dog of P.T.T.T. has already been injected with rabies vaccine but without a record. From May 23-25, it bit four people, including the owner and three others. The dog was confirmed by the veterinary staff to be positive for rabies virus.

The outbreak in Quang Tien Commune of Trang Bom District is located in the house of N.C.B., whose two dogs have not received any rabies vaccine doses. They are usually let loose without any muzzles.

On May 21, one of them displayed signs of rabies and subsequently bit eight people and other dogs in the neighborhood. Three days later, the dog stopped eating, tore up objects, became sluggish, had diarrhea, and died. The owner buried the dog in the garden and reported the incident to the authorities. The dog was then confirmed to be positive for rabies virus.

Dogs are safely kept inside their cages

Since the beginning of this year, Dong Nai Province has recorded 14 rabies outbreaks. The functional unit has proposed that the provincial People’s Committee allocate budget to buy one million doses of rabies vaccine to vaccinate the dog population over the next five years.

It is expected that the vaccine will be available for deployment in July 2024 to prevent rabies outbreaks among dogs in the province.

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