Traders in HCMC asked to dispose waste appropriately

Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Party Committee Vo Thi Dung yesterday investigated Thu Duc Wholesale Market over the implementation of the campaign 'Encouraging Citizens in HCMC not to Dispose Garbage onto Streets and Canals for a Cleaner City’.

Traders in HCMC asked to dispose waste appropriately

Having the merchandise flow of around 3,516 tons per day, Thu Duc Wholesale Market Trading Joint Stock Co. is actively propagandizing the harmful effects of plastic waste to all traders and employees in the market. It also encourages the sorting and recycling of garbage, the use of environmentally friendly products, the disproval of littering, the initial processing of produce before selling.

After a year, the waste volume in the market reduce by 30 percent from 80 tons per day to 55 tons now. However, the most troublesome state at the moment is the dangerous habit of using plastic bags in trading.

In the working session after the investigation, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Thu Duc District Le Minh Chien shared that thanks to the thorough implementation of the campaign, his district was able to erase 36 out of 55 hot spots of environmental pollution, 8 of which have become beautiful flower gardens and public parks for children.

Thu Duc District is now developing an online application to receive the public’s feedbacks on environmental issues and urban security. The current system processed 291 feedbacks from residents and fined many law breakers.

Deputy Secretary Vo Thi Dung asked that Thu Duc District be stricter in the future in carrying out Instruction No.19-CT/TU of the Standing Board of the city Party Committee about the campaign since Thu Duc Wholesale Market is quite crowded. The proper awareness of each resident as well as trader here about appropriate waste disposal and restriction on plastic packaging use can have great positive effect in the long term.