Taxi drivers with illegal activities at TSN Int’l Airport strictly punished

The Transport Ministry has just asked that the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh City Transport Department direct relevant agencies to quickly rectify the state of unreasonable taxi fare, violent competitions for passengers of certain taxi drivers at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Accordingly, the Transport Ministry requested that Tan Son Nhat International Airport rearrange pick-up and drop-off areas more logically and allocate more lanes for these tasks when there are crowds at the airport in order to ensure security.

In addition, the airport must increase the parking area for vehicles waiting to pick up people, along with a rational solution to connect traffic between the domestic and international stations.

More importantly, the Southern Airports Authority must cooperate with the HCMC Transport Department and functional agencies to handle law violations such as unreasonable taxi fare, violent competitions for passengers of certain taxi drivers.

The HCMC Transport Department have to collaborate with Tan Son Nhat Airport to organize suitable bus routes from the site to other locations throughout the city; with the HCMC Taxi Association to correspondingly increase the quantity of taxis to satisfy the temporarily high demands of passengers here.

In related news, the interdisciplinary team of HCMC, including traffic inspectors, traffic police officers, airport security guards, and the youth volunteer force, continue to check and handle cases of tech-based, contract, or traditional taxi drivers catching passengers chaotically both inside and outside of Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Inspector Team No.8 of the HCMC Transport Department reported that it pinpointed and fined tens of law violation cases (picking up or dropping off passengers not according to regulations, lacking clear fare listing or proper contract logo, lacking installation of regulated signs, light boxes, and meters) on February 19 and 20.

The situation of violently attracting passengers among drivers has risen by 3 times compared to normal days, mostly among tech-based or contract taxis. They park their vehicles and then directly approach potential passengers to try to lure these people to use their service. Their actions cause chaos in the station and make it more challenging for the aviation security guards to monitor the site.

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