Some significant policies take effect from October 2023

From October 2023, many new and outstanding policies such as fees for quality inspection of imported cars, increased fees for registration and issuance of license plates for motorbikes and cars will take effect.

Disclosure of quality inspection fees of imported cars is effective from October 1, 2023

The Decision 1137 of the Ministry of Transport detailing procedures for granting certificates of technical safety quality and environmental protection for imported motor vehicles has announced the fee for implementing this procedure. Specifically, the fee for cars with 10 seats or more is VND40,000 (US$1.64) each while cars with less than 10 seats (excluding ambulances) will have the fee of VND90,000 each.

The service price for checking the quality of technical safety and environmental protection will be 0.1 percent of the import price but not less than VND300,000 a car.

The Vietnam Register will issue certificates of technical safety and environmental protection quality for imported motor vehicles within 4 days from the date of completion of the successful inspection if a car’ documents are assessed as complete and valid.

Civil servants issuing judicial record cards must change job positions every 5 years.

This policy takes effect from October 7, 2023.

Persons who have completed a prison sentence can ask for a loan of VND100 million for business

According to the Decision 22/2023 of the Prime Minister, those who have completed their prison sentence can borrow capital from the Bank for Social Policies for production, business, and job creation with the following loan levels:

These people can borrow a maximum sum of VND100 million within 120 months.

The lending interest rate is calculated according to the lending interest rate for poor households prescribed from time to time. The overdue debt interest rate is 130 percent of the loan interest rate.

Teachers in vocational schools receive salaries up to VND 14.4 million monthly

The Circular 07/2023 of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs regulates codes and standards for professional titles, salary ranking and promotion of professional titles for public employees in vocational education.

Increasing fees for registration and issuance of license plates for motorcycles and cars

The Circular 60|2023 of the Ministry of Finance regulates registration fees and issuance of new license plates for all types of motor vehicles in different areas.

Specifically, fees for the first issuance of a car registration certificate with a license plate will be VND500,000; VND150,000; and VND150,000 in the first, second and third areas respectively. Fees of passenger cars with 9 seats or less (including pick-up cars) will be VND20,000,000; VND1,000,000 and VND200,000 in different regions while the fees for trailers and semi-trailers registered separately are VND200,000; VND150,000; VND150,000 respectively.

Owners of a motorcycle worth up to VND15,000,000 will pay VND1,000,000; VND200,000 and VND150,000 respectively while their peers with motorcycles worth over VND15,000,000 and VND40,000,000 will spend VND2,000,000, VND400,000, VND150,000 and VND 4,000,000 VND800,000, VND400,000 respectively.

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