Từ khóa: #imported cars

A new car model is displayed at Aeon Mall in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: SGGP)

Automotive market enters year-end sales

It is more than two months until the Lunar New Year, but now automakers have rushed to launch several promotional campaigns. Depending on the model, each car has a discount from a few tens to hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong, attached with many attractive gifts.
Car imports drop by more than 40 percent

Car imports drop by more than 40 percent

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the total volume of imported automobiles in the first two months of this year was much lower than the same period last year, reaching 14,523 units, down 43.7 percent.
Ho Chi Minh City imports a large number of cars and motorbikes in the first six months of the year (Photo: Cao Thang)

Imported cars, motorbikes to Ho Chi Minh City increase

The Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department yesterday reported that the city imported more than 6,400 cars in the first half months of the year, surged by five times compared to the same period of 2018.
Imported cars at SPCT Port. (Photo: SGGP)

Auto salons struggle to boost sales amid increasing supply

Several automobiles manufacturers in Vietnam have run various promotional campaigns for a third consecutive month in order to boost demand and sales amid the context that foreign-made cars have been imported heavily into Vietnamese market.
Imported cars at Saigon Premier Container Terminal. (Photo: SGGP)

Automobile manufacturers race for market share

The prices of cars in Vietnam are expected to drop as the doors for imported cars are widely opened while domestically-assembled ones have seen new models as well as new manufacturers.