Schools asked to organize ceremony to remember traffic accident victims

The Ministry of Education and Training asked schools to organize remembrance ceremony to remember those killed in traffic accidents.
In the remembrance ceremony, students and teachers of preschools, junior and senior high schools and continuous learning centers must stand solemnly to mark the one-minute silence and pay tributes to those killed in accidents in the flag-salute ceremony on November 11.
Higher education institutions must disseminate message of the remembrance day for traffic accident victims over the loudspeaker in the begin of classes and after class in one week from November 11 to 16.
The Ministry of Education and Training proposed schools to raise students’ awareness of traffic regulations and the goal of the remembrance ceremony as well as pain and losses of victims’ relatives.
Moreover, schools should exercise caution against bad consequences and prevention of traffic accidents as well as raise students’ road safety awareness.
In the first nine months of the year, the country had 12,675 traffic accidents killing 5,659 people and injuring 9,619 others.

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