Route trackers to be used for detecting, handling illegal pick-ups

The Department for Roads of Vietnam has just sent an official request to the Transport Departments of all provinces and cities regarding an increase in checking and handling the situation of fixed-route coaches operating not in accordance with their registered business type.

Unlicensed coaches, illegal stations are blooming, causing serious traffic congestion in many cities

The Vietnam Department for Roads informed that the state of fixed-route vehicles illegally picking up passengers throughout an area has become popular and complicated these days. These coaches even stop at illegal stations or offices outside formal coach stations.

To strictly handle those cases, this Department asked that the Transport Departments of all provinces and cities, especially Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, exploit route tracking devices mandatorily installed on vehicles granted with a badge of fixed route in order to monitor their daily operation.

In case that such a coach is detected with unusual movements not in compliance with its registered business type after leaving a formal station, it must be strictly handled immediately.

Official coach stations must make a list of vehicles registered to run on each announced route and timely report any vehicles not using the station for their regular operations. These documents should be sent to the corresponding Transport Department for checking and handling of law violation as regulated.

Meanwhile, all Transport Departments must provide convenient locations for passenger pick-up and drop-off of fixed-route coaches.

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