Robotic engineering course launched in primary schools

Recently the Department of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh City held a basic robotic engineering course for primary students in the city.

Speaking at a seminar on the course,head of the Section of Primary Education and Training Nguyen Quang Vinh said that the course aimed to create a playground for primary pupils beside sports and cultural activities.

The course is not compulsory. The tuition fee is VND450,000 (US$21) per student in three months. It includes 12 periods each 2 hours.

The tuition is not a big sum for urban students but their rural peers.

After a basic course, those who love robotic engineering can continue pursuing the knowledge of the field.

However, as the course is new, just a few schools launched it. Lac Long Quan Primary School in District 11 opened the course and 150 pupils have registered to learn.

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