Residents need to proactively prevent fire during hot weather

Ho Chi Minh City is currently experiencing a severe heatwave, increasing the risk of fires and explosions, especially in densely-populated residential areas and rental houses in small alleys.

The dilapidated houses along canals are at high risk of fire and explosions during the hot season. (Photo: SGGP/ Thu Hoai)

Despite various measures for fire safety, the risk of fires and explosions is critical due to negligence or violations of fire safety regulations from residents.

Previously, Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee and Chairwoman of the Municipal People's Council Nguyen Thi Le had a working session with leaders of District 3 and Cu Chi District regarding the severe heat situation during passing time.

According to her, localities need to ensure fire prevention and rescue operations according to the specific characteristics of their areas such as Cu Chi District with abundant grass and factories and District 3 with high-rise buildings to prevent unfortunate incidents of fire.

Besides, Chairwoman Le encouraged localities to promote the “Community Fire Safety Team” model and equip adequate devices and means to promptly respond to any emergencies.

Despite strict regulations on fire prevention and fighting and rescue operations as well as awareness promotion about fire safety and incidents, it remains challenging to ensure absolute fire safety in areas of rental houses, makeshift houses and so on in many districts and communes.

Fires were caused for various reasons leading to property damage, but as for some fires, thanks to on-site firefighting tips from residents effectively helped to protect properties and prevent the spread of blazes, notably the “Community Fire Safety Team” model.

Sharing with a reporter from Sai Gon Giai Phong (SGGP) Newspaper, Head of the Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue Police Division (PC07) under the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Department, Colonel Huynh Quang Tam stated that the Southern region is scorching by intense heat and dry season leading to increased demand for electricity usage.

Recent fire and explosion incidents have been due to short circuits in the electrical network in the houses.

After recent fire incidents in District 8 and other districts and communes in Ho Chi Minh City, localities need to pay special attention to areas of rental houses and dilapidated houses along canals constructed with combustible materials.

During the first quarter of 2024, the PC07 mobilized forces and sent firefighting trucks to promptly prevent serious consequences from grass and trash fires due to smoking, burning trash, cooking and burning incense.

Amid complicated developments in fire and explosion during hot weather, the PC07 recommended residents to shut off gas valves, disconnect electrical switches before leaving their homes; not to burn votive papers in their houses; and repair or replace outdated or faulty electrical equipment.

Over 4,000 community fire safety teams bring effectiveness to fire prevention and fighting.

The development of the “Community Fire Safety Teams” model in residential areas has demonstrated initial effectiveness in firefighting works, contributing to raising awareness of residents regarding fire prevention and rescue operations.

Statistics showed that there have been over 4,000 community fire safety teams and nearly 3,900 public firefighting points established across Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to reducing the number of fires in the city.

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