National math contest winners given prizes

The Ministry of Education and Training and FPT University have given away prizes to 1,708 Online Math Test- ViOlympic winners in the northern region for 2013-14.

During the year 13 million students across the country took the math test online and another 678,541 did so at school.

The newly launched tests for fourth and eighth grade students attracted 1.3 million candidates. Until now the tests used to be only for grades fifth, ninth, and eleventh.

The contest organizers held a program May 23 to help students at 57 junior high schools around the country exchange experiences in taking the tests and team work and group work skills and calculating quickly without using calculators.

The Ministry has selected 1,708 outstanding contestants who won 19 rounds at the school, district, and national levels in seven months to award golden, silver, bronze, and consolation prizes.

Eight students in all from the fourth, fifth, eight, ninth, and eleventh grades will be awarded laptops.

The awards ceremony for the winners in the south will be held at the FPT University in Quang Trung Software Park in June.

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