Money flows into real estate, securities stocks

The VN-Index faced significant profit-taking pressure during the last trading session of the week, causing it to relinquish its earlier gains.

Foreign investors, who had been net buyers in the three previous sessions, shifted to net selling on the HOSE exchange, with sales exceeding VND211 billion.

The market showed positive signs at the beginning of the trading session on February 2, as the cash flow finally poured into the market, especially towards the real estate and securities sectors, resulting in a notable surge in the values of these stock groups. However, a substantial wave of profit-taking later in the session pushed the VN-Index below the reference point by the session's close.

The banking stock group continued to experience strong selling pressure, so it tilted towards the red zone despite some variations. Specifically, OCB dropped by 2.03 percent, SHB decreased by 1.29 percent, VPB declined by 1.83 percent, TPB retreated by 1.96 percent, VIB registered a 1.94 percent dip, and CTG reduced by 1.09 percent. Additionally, EIB, MBB, BID, and LPB also saw an almost 1 percent decrease. In contrast, HDB surged by 2.52 percent, while STB, ACB, and VCB gained nearly 1 percent.

The securities stock group showed a positive trend, with VIX gaining 1.72 percent, VCI increasing by 1.16 percent, AGR rising by 2.08 percent, APG growing 1.89 percent, and CTS escalating 1.13 percent. In addition, SSI, VND, HCM, and FTS also strengthened by nearly 1 percent.

Within the real estate and construction sector, despite experiencing some profit-taking after a strong intraday surge, numerous stocks still exhibit positive momentum. Specifically, PDR jumped by 4.42 percent, NVL emerged by 1.8 percent, NLG rallied by 1.15 percent, LCG advanced by 2 percent, HDG climbed by 1.52 percent, DPG enlarged by 1.48 percent, and CII enhanced by 1.92 percent. Additionally, CEO, HDC, SZC, and DIG edged up by nearly 1 percent. On the other hand, KBC shrank by 1.28 percent, VRE sank by 1.55 percent, while BCM, NTL, DXG, CTD, VIC, and VCG slid by nearly 1 percent.

The manufacturing stock group also reversed, with VGC losing by 1.28 percent, SBT diminishing by 1.12 percent, AAA cutting 1.85 percent, GIL slashing 1.89 percent, and ASM waning by 1.43 percent.

As the trading session concluded, the VN-Index experienced a marginal decline of 0.47 points, or 0.04 percent, settling at 1,172.55 points. The market witnessed 267 declining stocks, 199 advancing stocks, and 89 unchanged.

Meanwhile, the HNX-Index on the Hanoi Stock Exchange also tripped by 0.01 points to close at 230.56 points. The HNX-Index comprised 92 declining stocks, 92 advancing stocks, and 72 unchanged.

Market liquidity rebounded, with the total trading value on the HOSE exceeding VND20 trillion, up VND5 trillion compared to the previous session.

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