Ministry to install supervision system on highways

The Transport Minister directed in the second quarter of the year, the Ministry will install supervision system in highways, the national avenue 1A and Ho Chi Minh Road through the highlands provinces (or the national avenue 14).

The Minister said at meeting on March 30 about the project to build supervision system and guarantee traffic order as per the model of calling for social contribution. The investment will be carried out through contracts with investors as per Build-Operate-Transfer Contract.

It is hoped that the system will help traffic police handle violations in the roads especially careless driving and crossing and overloading by vehicles which has long been considered to cause traffic accidents and damage traffic infrastructure. Therefore, police can have measures to prevent.

The Ministry will finalize a draft to send to the Prime Minister proposing administrative penalties on road traffic violations after the Ministry collected the feedback of the Ministry of Public Security and related ministries and agencies.

Transport Minister Dinh La Thang said that current traffic violations are very complicated threatening lives of drivers and destroy infrastructure. As the state budget is limited, the government should promote social contribution to invest in traffic supervision.

In the amendment, the Ministry will petition the PM to raise penalties on traffic violations such as drunk while driving and overload vehicles.