“Mai” becomes highest-grossing movie in Vietnamese cinema history

As of February 26, “Mai”, a movie by comedian Tran Thanh became the highest-grossing film in Vietnamese cinema history.

A scene in the film "Mai"

The picture has passed the film titled “Nha Ba Nu” (Mrs. Nu’s Family), a movie also directed by Tran Thanh in 2023, with VND475 billion (US$19.3 million).

Notably, “Mai” has set ticket sales record after just 17 days of release while “Nha Ba Nu” took nearly three months.

“Mai” is the third and latest film produced and directed by Tran Thanh released on Tet occasion and grabbed a ticket revenue of VND400 billion (US$16.3 million) after just 13 days in cinemas, the fastest in Vietnamese box office history.

Released in cinemas on the first day of the first lunar month, it generated VND40 billion (US$1.62 million) and broke the ticket sales record on the fifth day of the first lunar month.

Additionally, the comedy movie entitled “Gap Lai Chi Bau" (Meet My Pregnant Sister Again) has earned an estimated VND80 billion (US$3.2 million).

The state-produced war film, “Dao, Pho va Piano” (Peach Blossoms, Pho and Piano) has become a phenomenon in recent days and achieved more than VND3 billion.

The there films are still being shown in theaters.

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