Low-risk cities, provinces for Covid-19 can reopen schools: Ministry

Low-risk cities and provinces for the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) can reopen schools only for ninth graders and twelve graders, said that Ministry of Education and Training at an online conference with departments countrywide yesterday.
Deputy Education Minister Nguyen Huu Do speaks at the online conference (Photo: SGGP)
Deputy Education Minister Nguyen Huu Do speaks at the online conference (Photo: SGGP)

While the pandemic continues to push schools toward moving their classes online,  low-risk localities can reopen schools.

Only ninth and twelve graders can go back to schools three days a week while the other grades will continue to stay at home until the Department of Education and Training has a new announcement, Deputy Education Minister Nguyen Huu Do said.

Departments of education and training should implement distance teaching and learning including learning in television and internet,

Departments of education and training have made utmost efforts to implement distance learning; however, around 80 percent of senior high school students found it hard to learning through television and internet.

Presently, many cities and provinces proposed that school reopening should be in May ensuring preventive measures to finish the academic curriculum before July 15 according to the Ministry’s plan

The Ministry ordered localities to review classification of students to have appropriate teaching and learning methods. Devoted teachers and educationists will be successful in applying distance learning.

Teachers should be trained more on distance teaching. The Ministry will be available to help localities in providing training to teachers. Last but not least, parents play significant role in encouraging their children’s self- study skills.

When it came to when student can come back to school, the Ministry said that teachers and students’ safety is top priority; therefore, it must be well consideration.

Cities and provinces in the list of high-risk places for Covid-19 must strictly follow the Prime Minister’s direction.

Regarding the national graduation examination, leaders of departments of education and training expected that the examination will be organized as normally so that students would not get unperturbed.

Representatives of departments of education and training said that currently, students all wished to sit for university admission examination; therefore,  without the national graduation examination, students must come to big cities to take university admission examination which costs a lot.

The Mekong Delta Province of Ca Mau decided that ninth and graders will come back to schools on April 22 while the northern provinces of Quang Ninh, Ha Nam and the Mekong Delta Province of Dong Thap will continue school closure until early May. Other cities and provinces have not been decided the time for reopening school.