Housing relocation projects still on paper for years due to city’s limited fund

According to the Department of Construction, as planned, Ho Chi Minh City will relocate 6,500 houses on and along canals from 2021 to 2025. The southern largest city ought to spend about VND 18,500 billion for allocation work; however, it also has to invest in many key projects. Therefore, housing relocation projects are still on paper for years.
Housing relocation projects still on paper for years due to city’s limited fund ảnh 1 Illustrative photo
The effective solution is calling for social contribution. In the immediate future, Ho Chi Minh City needs a commander-in-chief - should be a city leader who will take responsibility for the matter. Secondly, the city needs to coordinate with departments, agencies, and districts, to survey and classify which canals have an abundant land fund that can be used for the construction of the apartment.
According to the project plan of dredging, environmental improvement, and infrastructure construction of Xuyen Tam canal passing through districts Go Vap and Binh Thanh, nearly 2,200 houses have to be relocated.
However, since the policy was introduced until now, it has been approximately 20 years, and many investment plans have been discussed, but the project is still on paper.
In the city center, the project to renovate Van Thanh canal in Binh Thanh District is expected to cost nearly VND 3,700 billion from the city budget, including more than VND3,000 billion for compensation and relocation. Although it is expected to renovate a section with a length of only about 2km, the project has so far not been carried out because Ho Chi Minh City is short of money for the project.
When implementing projects to clear houses on and along canals, ground clearance must be done. In which, separate compensation and ground clearance projects should be independent projects. Once the city has cleared the ground, the municipal People's Committee can completely implement the bidding mechanism to select an investor as mentioned above.

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