High school graduation exam in 2022 to be same as in 2021

The high school graduation exam in the academic year 2021- 2022 will be organized as same as the prior one, according to the plan to organize high school graduation exams and university and college admissions in 2022 which has officially been announced by the Ministry of Education and Training.

High school graduation exam in 2022 to be same as in 2021 ảnh 1 Students attend last year high school graduation exam (photo: SGGP)
The provinces and cities will manage local exams according to the time frame of the exam set by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry will adjust the exam time in provinces to suit the local epidemic situation.
The Education Ministry stated that every question on the exam is in the current high school education program, mainly in the twelfth grade program.
The Ministry of Education and Training has developed the structure and format of the exam questions announcing to publish the reference exam question later. The Ministry will complete the exam question bank, a list of all questions created with an exam software which will be provided to localities for the exam.
Regarding higher education institutions, the Ministry will give them considerable individual autonomy in enrollment according to its regulations and guidance. Additionally, the Ministry let schools carry out enrollment according to the school's enrollment scheme, ensuring fairness for groups of students. Top universities and majors which students choose most were recommended using the results of the high school graduation exam as a screening and pre-qualification tool plus additional ways of selecting students. National universities, regional universities can organize more assessment exams to serve as a basis for university-college admissions.
The Education Ministry together with local administrators will make inspection visits to ensure the fairness of all exams. Regarding the high school exam plan for the years 2023-2025, the Ministry of Education and Training will finalize the plan, listen to schools, students and parents’ opinions and will announce it in the first quarter of 2022.

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